Tiger Stadium Demolition Progress


The demolition of Tiger Stadium has begun. Detroit is in dire need of vacant land & Tiger Stadium just has to come down.

Hearing of this, I headed to the corner of Michigan & Trumbull yesterday for some pictures of the progress.

Walking from that corner and up Trumbull, we spotted the newly erected death fence - complete with green sheeting so you couldn't see what's going on at ground level.

We crossed the street and there were areas which provided a glimpse inside.

Apparently they sold the lower level seats, but the upper level seats will be amongst the pile of rubble.

As we made our way to the backside of Tiger Stadium, the building eaters came into view.

The building eaters were taking away the ugly sheet metal facade.

The true, aged beauty underneath began to see the light of day - and then quickly saw its demise.

It was neat how close you could get to the active demolition.

If only those stupid green walls were gone.

I'll try to continue these updates as the days go by.


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