09/13/05 - Uniroyal Ruins Off Meldrum

 With only one hour of business in Windsor before having the rest of Tuesday to myself, I was up for some riding. Donnie telephoned me & stated his desire to ride Atkinson, to which I replied "Atkinson in Windsor, that shitty skatepark with the rail that looks like it belongs in St.Louis....f that!" 

Instead I picked him up & we were off to Detroit to ride Hart Plaza & Belle Isle.  After going to ride Belle Isle first for about an hour, we departed to head to Hart Plaza.  When I spotted these buildings just off Jefferson (the road the Belle Isle bridge exit is on) that looked run down as all hell, I decided to take the cargo van over there for closer inspection.

The south building by the looks of it, had a fire take the structure out long ago.  The insides were all collapsed in & the doorway you see Donnie standing by over there had quite the large spider so we both opted out.

The north building on the other hand looked much more inviting with a hot MONEY tag welcoming us.  I was psyched.  Donnie was not.

Inside there were even more nice MONEY tags.  Donnie was psyched on those clouds. 

I know 98% of the people reading this wont know what the hell I'm refering to...I always claim I like MONEY & Donnie/Steve always run their mouths that any two-bit hack could throw a bunch of clouds & straight letters in & be as good as MONEY.  Well that's their opinion & this is my website so MONEY is being showcased.

Since I understand that people judge cities by quality of graffiti, I figure I should put up Donnie's favorite of the day...this DIBS piece. 

(At least I think it's DIBS)

Moving through the 2nd floor.  The upper floor wasn't that shady because of the concrete base - it looked as if the floor was used for storage whenever this building was in use.

Through broken windows you can see the south building & the vegetation claiming back the land.


Some humor from EGGS.

Looking out one of the broken windowpanes you can see the Belle Isle Bridge.

Car Doors

Piles of trash blocking our path to the next doorway.

2nd story door opening to 15ft drop...Lamont would be excited.

A pile of benches...The Fondeler would be excited.

A steep handrail from the 2nd to 1st floor...Donnie was excited.

Looking out a broken window towards Jefferson.

Part of the roof crumbling away in the building we were just in.

Another view of the south building as we walk back towards it.

I thought this was interesting - the building decay above the PIANO tag.

A fire escape ladder leading to nothing...the brick & wood has fallen & the ladder remains.

More pictures of the decaying south building.

The trees overtaking part of the building.

Again another shot with the staircase to trees & also floors/bricks missing.

Walking around the south building we found some pants with Chingy flyers in the pockets.  Going to see Chingy & waking up with no clothes?  Sounds like a good night to me.

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