Engine 43 Fire House

October 2009.

The Detroit Fire Department has had 66 fire stations; with 60 built before 1932.

This is the Engine 43 fire station. Built in 1921 and closed in 1983.

We were driving around aimlessly, unable to think of anything worth checking out. Driving down the Davison Service Drive, we came across #43 at Davison & Goddard; deciding to exit the car and check it out.

Even if there was a treasure of interesting items left in a place, it would be mostly gone after 26 years of abandonment. Then again, unless some homeless man was collecting hub caps, this place may have escaped abandonment and served as a garage or a personal residence for some time after 1983.

Chad was amused with the hub caps and kept asking whoever would come into this room whether they wanted a hubcap from a 1987 Ford Tempo or from a 1991 Grand Marquis.

I think I took about 10 pictures in total, as the building was extremely featureless besides the hubcaps and these insane bee hives between the windowpanes and the window boarding.

There wasn't a bee to be found though. Too late in the season?

Looking out on the highway.

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I had no idea it was on any list, but my buddy told me Engine 43 was demolished in January.

...and hence why I'm bringing it to your attention.


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