PAB and Cape Ray

November 2009.

When you go from a place which has 5 indoor skateparks within a 2 hour a place which has zero within a 6 hour radius; things like driving 2 hours south to snow-free land seems like a good idea.

I guess it's one way of reducing the effect the long, depressing winter has on a man.

Even though my chain was skipping and the ramps were wet, it was completely worth the 4 hours of driving to get outside and bike versus sitting in my apartment and complaining about the snow.

Since I would only ride for an hour or so, I tried to tack on something else.

Cape Ray lighthouse had long been on my radar, but I was never in Port-Aux-Basques at the right time to drive the 6km (~4mi) off the highway and back.

NL lighthouse #18 for me...

Peeking inside, the interior staircase looked interesting. This place used to be open for tours in the summer, but a lack of volunteers squashed that effort.

I was happy with #18, but it was growing colder and the winds were heavier on the coast - time to return home.


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