Lobster Cove Head and Other Winter Miscellany

January & February 2010.

After going home for a few weeks and then going to Fogo Island for the next weekend, I was content to relax a bit during the remainder of January. In addition, I remembered how traveling in the winter makes it feel like you're missing something, so I was completely content to sit in my apartment. Although, I still did move around a bit...

My friend & I were relaxing in Corner Brook when we decided to get out and do something. Deciding on a certain lighthouse, I had always skipped this one, because it's a huge tourist draw and because it's close to Corner Brook - I've passed it nearly 15 times during my short time in Newfoundland.

Since the lighthouse is only a 90 minute drive away, I decided to finally check it off when there wouldn't be any tourists around.

Built in 1897, Lobster Cove Head is still an active lighthouse and the keeper's room is home to a museum run by park officials at Gros Morne National Park.

Other than driving north to Lobster Cove, I also went down to Rose Blanche (South Coast) one weekend.

I was looking for something when I noticed someone had expressed their displeasure for Texas on one of the street signs.

Um, okay...

Also decided to stop at the fish plant that Kristen and I had been to during the summer.

I didn't notice before, but the fish plant sure seemed to be getting worked by the heavy snow on its wooden roof.

Lastly, I wanted to stop by at Burnt Islands to scout the lighthouse they have there...

...and it's funny because it's oh-so-close to the shore.

The only thing I worry about is that any fisherman who I ask to bring me to this rock, would laugh and wonder why the hell I would want to get to the stupid rock, when I can see the lame lighthouse from shore.

Lousy self-created rule that I have to get on the actual island that house these island lighthouses...

If I ever get actually close to doing most of these Newfoundland lighthouses, I'll be doing this one near the end - likely with a kayak.

I also went back to Stephenville, but those hangar buildings have had more than enough coverage on this site already...

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