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Howley, Newfoundland

Summer 2010.

After several consecutive weekends, and even weekdays (above), of traveling; I didn't feel like going very far this weekend.

So we only drove to the nearby community of Howley (about a 100km away).

I had been checking the topographic maps for the area and noticed a dam very close to Howley, so we decided to check it out.

A gravel road led out of Howley and eventually to a No Trespassing gate, with tire tracks going around the side of said gate. We figured it would be fine to park the car and go for a walk to see where the protected road went.

The road curved near a few work trailers and a highway maintenance building, before eventually ending at the hydroelectric plant (above). A pleasing view over Grand Lake was had throughout the walk.

As we walked back to the first gate, we noticed a worker & thought the jig was up (seeing as the no trespassing signs said there were video cameras watching us). Surprisingly & as luck would have it, the worker just gave us the old head nod & couldn't have seemed to care less about us.

Back in the car, we followed another gravel road & found the dam after a few kilometres.

I had no idea this dam or power plant was back here...and it excited me to see something so obscure.

...and we celebrated with Chinese in Deer Lake! (...where I ordered a poutine).

It was here that I learned the golden rule of avoiding weird menu items that a restaurant isn't known for. I was trying to tell Andy this rule & he questioned whether he had ever even seen a poutine on a Chinese food menu.

He obviously doesn't live in Newfoundland...because I think they're on every single Chinese menu here.

This picture is also for Don...since putting black pepper on my poutine bothers him.

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