The Pasadena Motel

Pasadena, Newfoundland

Fall 2010.


I knew that this nearby motel had closed recently & heard rumours of it becoming rundown and abandoned.

I wasn't super excited because it is a motel, but I was still a bit excited to have a nearby place which I could pop in and photograph whenever I felt like it.

The whole story goes, that the owner had died in 2009 and left the motel behind to the local animal shelter. They obviously weren't going to run the motel for profit, but they could sell the land to help benefit local unloved dogs & cats.

That's why after a couple years, when I heard it was becoming rundown & nothing was happening, I decided to head on over for a look-see.

The motel held a bit more interest in that my girlfriend had grew up in this town & one of my best Newfoundland friends also grew up here.

I was half-expecting some teenage discovery story when I asked them about the place, but the one was nerdy in high school & the other one didn't have much either - just stories of sneaking into the cabins to drink & also stories where certain people knew the owners and knew to put them in the furthest cabin (because they would certainly be having a party.)

I don't really have any exciting stories about my hometown motel (Green Acres), but I guess it's because I didn't do anything in my teenage years. I thought my Pasadena friends might have at least a little something more terms of stories.

So yeah, now I'm presenting you a story of a motel with no good stories behind it?

Things are really going downhill on this website, eh?

Add to the fact that we only explored about 5 cabins, because as we neared the end, we found some dude in a truck taking pipes. He didn't seem to care about us, but abandoned cabins weren't worth it.

There was also a main motel building, but it was unfortunately sealed.

Well actually I thought I was about to get inside, until I got close enough to the door to realize that it was actually painted jet black & not an open door.

I figured we could just come back for more pictures & that the place would grow more and more accessible.

We tried a couple more times, but grew annoyed with the ever-present workers & the effort that was required to see an abandoned motel.

Then I forgot about the place until a month ago, when that Newfoundland friend told me that the motel was gone.

I drove by & sure enough, it was just a building scar.

...and that's why it is shown here. You know my unhealthy obsession with showing destroyed buildings.



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