Newfoundland Autumnal Potpourri pt.2

Corner Brook & Stephenville & Newfoundland

Fall 2010.


Nicole & I failed at climbing a mountain thanks to my crumby directions, so I was salty and wanted to accomplish something.

Therefore I decided to finally stop at this abandoned house which I've passed very many times over the last two years.

It ended up being better than I expected. It wasn't the craziest location, but the level of unabated decay was great.

Plants coming through windows covered with rotted boards, stoves collapsed under their own rust weaknesses, furniture slowly breaking apart towards the Earth...

I was very happy I finally stopped. I actually might stop again.


I finally made it out to a nearby place called Cedar Cove. It's too bad I messed up the panorama.

Cedar Cove was really impressive, but it sees wayyy too much traffic to become one of my favourites. There's tons of places like this in Newfoundland and you can find plenty without the gaggles of birds.


There's a cemetery in Corner Brook which has always intrigued me, as it's not abandoned, but it's not exactly manicured either. I find this strange since where I come from, the cemeteries are very well kept.

In addition, I always found the Humber Road United Church Cemetery to be interesting because of its proximity to the nearby grade school.

I discussed this with a girl who went to this elementary school, and she surprised me by saying that none of the kids actually took any notice of the graveyard. Thinking about how retarded children are, I would have thought they would have had tall graveyard tales & unfounded fears.

On the other side of the U.C. Cemetery are a couple of houses; houses with decks which overlook the graveyard.

As I was walking through, I thought about how some houseguest would find it weird...then I thought about how you could probably get a good deal on the house, since a lot of squares wouldn't want to live next to a cemetery.

The last interesting thing about the graveyard was how there were more headstones in the woods behind the cemetery.

Why doesn't the caretaker, who cuts the grass regularly, cut further back to reach these graves?

Who knows, who knows.


Nicole & I were driving around one day & I stopped at this oil walkway thing, as I've always wanted to walk out on it because of the obvious scenery.

What I couldn't see from the road was the No Trespassing signs and barbed wire. I know that normally doesn't stop me, but this is along a busy road & pretty much not worth it.

It gave me a chance to get a nice picture of one of the Newfoundland positives - black-backed gulls.

You see out here, the seagulls are bigger & prettier, with black backs instead of our boring grey gulls of Ontario.

I've reached a new BRN low by explaining this Newfoundland pro (as opposed to con).


I pulled into a random gravel area one day & noticed this random mining junk...

Then noticed a hole which I could climb into!

Once I peered inside & determined it wasn't a vertical shaft; I was into the hole in no time.

It only went for about 15 feet, but I was still very excited about the find. This was some cool ish & I should definitely go back (maybe with a wide angle lens for the collapsed portion).


When people mail you 40s, you need to get them into the fridge pronto.


As November was moving along, Nicole & I were both amazed at how warm & beautiful the weather continued to be.

The fact that we could climb Marble Mountain near the end of November was amazing.

It was obviously still getting cold at night, so it was neat to walk on frosty ground to reach the top of the mountain.

Marble Mountain is the local ski hill, so it was an interesting hike to me as I've never been up here (due to my hate of snow & all things snow-related).

An Environment Canada Doppler Weather Station greets you atop Mt. Musgrave.

Looking over the edge, it was amazing that you could see Guernsey (Island) - which is 50km away.

We took a different way down, where I noticed this piece by ATAK.

He snowboards? There was some sort of snowboarding/graffiti/music festival thing? How else would he know about this wall up here?

The mysteries of life.


The weather was so nice that we climbed another foothill the next day.

I had only recently drove past the Tablelands en route to Trout River. I was amazed at what I had never seen & how spectacular this area was - it was like there was a little slice of Arizona here in Newfoundland.

This made me prioritize hiking the Tablelands and grow really excited about it...

...and with many of those things, when you get too excited & you expect too much, it sort of disappoints.

I mean the Tablelands were nice and all, but they didn't live up to my monumental expectations.

It was still a nice activity for late November in Newfoundland.



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