The Forest of Vehicles

Southwestern Ontario (Map)

Winter 2010.


I've long known about this forest of vehicles & have had it on the to-do list.

Hell...even Steven Twodamncute had been here...and I had not?!?

This was unacceptable!

I had seen enough pictures of this place to have an idea of what to expect.

We followed the footpaths over crunched snow & started to see the first vehicles. They included an old wagon & a trio of bulldozers.

I was already impressed.

There were so many unique vehicles left behind, that it didn't take long before I was wondering if I had already seen everything; but then the vehicles and the paths seemed to just continue & continue.

Just about every type of civilian vehicle you could ask for was out here rotting it the woods.

I haven't the slightest idea as to the history of this place, outside of a vague internet claim of it being some family's scrap yard; and I even question the validity of that claim, since there is a smokestack and a maintenance building back here as well.

The only thing I do know, is that this place has areas which haven't been used for a very long time (judging by the fair-sized trees growing out of vehicles/equipment).

Just when I started to think I had finally seen everything - and seeing as Donnie wasn't following so closely anymore - I followed a long path to a whole new part, with brick kilns & coal hoppers & a whole other collection of random machinery...

There was even a boat back here! (Donnie's picture)

This was maybe the top thing I wanted to see at this location, even though Donnie tried to tone down my excitement by saying that the boat really wasn't that large.

I still thought it was an impressive find.

Coming here in the winter had already proved useful in being able to take vehicle pictures without any leaves on the trees; but now there was another advantage, as we could get a good boat angle from atop the frozen pond.

We left the forest of vehicles and started on the back roads towards Windsor.

The sun continued to set as we headed back, meaning that the light was still fantastic as we passed through a tiny village I love, a village by the name of Prairie Siding.

After snapping a couple of shots of the old grain elevator, we continued on our way.


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