Passing Through Toronto

Cabbagetown, Toronto, Ontario (Map)

Winter 2011.


Instead of paying $350 for that stupid 51 minute flight from Toronto to Windsor, I met up with A.I. to drive home with him instead.

He had to work for half of the day, so he left me to his Cabbagetown apartment.

So I went for a walk around his neighbourhood.

He lives in that area near Maple Leaf Gardens and Steven Twodamncute's favourite bar (Zippers).

I was particularly enamored with the stone church on his street corner - and went as far as to ask some woman if I could see the interior.

It was alright on the interior, but definitely a case of beauty on the outside.

As the woman went back to her office & left me to take pictures, I then went about climbing the stairs into the bell tower, where I probably shouldn't have been.

I found a locked hatch at the top anyway.

I went back to A.I.'s & drank his Creemore Springs Ur Bocks, until he came back & we went home.


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