Canadian Postum Cereal Corp.

Windsor, Ontario (Map)

Winter 2010.


There is this grouping of red brick, factory buildings near Donnie's house which have captured my interest for a long time.

I've never been quite sure what they were being used for, but you would see the odd vehicle moved, or minor activity every now & then.

Upon returning home for Christmas this year, I asked Donnie where a picture he had taken was from.

When he replied that it was taken from the inside one of these buildings? I became very interested & it went on the Christmas to-do list.

These buildings were originally built to bring Postum to the Canadian market in 1910.

Created in 1895 Grand Rapids, Postum was a coffee-substitute for the people who believed caffeine to be unhealthy (and also for Mormons, who don't consume caffeine because of their beliefs). The Postum itself is a mixture of wheat bran, wheat, molasses and maltodextrin.

I have no idea if Postum gives you the same perk as caffeine, but it couldn't have been that good because it was discontinued in 2007 by Kraft Foods (Postum Cereal Corp was purchased by Kraft long ago).

The buildings sit on a large land parcel, but only 2 buildings remain from the original complex.

Donnie remembered there being another building here in his youth; a building which he watched take the same path of turning into a warehouse, until it became rundown, then abandoned, then torn down.

Moving inside, the building's 101-year-old construction was evident in certain rooms. There wasn't that much of interest left behind, but I appreciate old construction enough to simply take in the craftsmanship.

This fire extinguisher sign was about the only thing likely left over from the building's original occupant. I found it in the basement.

The remainder of the building had a bunch of junk, hydroponic equipment and Chinese documents - Donnie thought that some greens might have been grown here.

As the two of us went up to the second floor, we both agreed about how nice the space would be for some lofts - a large open area, with exposed beams and original brickwork walls.

Of course this isn't the nicest section of Windsor & the lofts would also look out over a dirt lot (and a bingo parlour/Price Chopper Fresh Co. on the other side).

The remainder of the building had been 'modernized' with glass blocks & drywall - which vandals were already working to eliminate (maybe it's because they like original brickwork).

We wrung all the exploring we could out of the 2-story building before going on our way.

I'm sure these buildings will suffer the same fate that the other Postum Cereal Corp buildings have.



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