William Livingstone Memorial Lighthouse

Detroit, MI (Map)

Winter 2010.


I've always been amused with the above sign at the site of the old Canadian Tire in Windsor: I guess this is where I would park if I were to take the tunnel bus over for a sporting event like a Tigers game (reasonable), Red Wings game (reasonable), Lions game (reasonable now)...or a, um, a Chicago Blackhawks game?!?

Today I wasn't busing it 5 hours to see Frolik play for the Blackhawks though; I was going to see the William Livingstone Memorial Lighthouse on Belle Isle in Detroit.

Therefore I needed a ride to the island park & I needed to walk the 1/2 mile in the snow back to the lighthouse at the eastern tip of the island.


I'd also have to scale this stupid fence for a closer look.

(aside: I had always wondered why people were so nervous when they watched me climb fences...I never knew I looked so handicapped atop them...)

0 - U.J.'s photo

Just about all of the history you could need is displayed on the backside of the lighthouse.

The only thing I have to add, is that it's the only marble lighthouse in the United States of America.

I was also excited for Belle Isle Lighthousing because of how cold it had been of late. This meant that I should've been able to get out on the ice to the Detroit Waterworks Intake Crib Lighthouse.

Unfortunately I couldn't get even to the edge of Belle Isle, as the Detroit Water & Sewerage Department have a bridge blocked off with cameras & fencing, which forces you onto the ice prematurely.

Even though it had been cold for weeks, the ice still didn't look very safe. I crept out a bit & it started to creek, and without a rock to throw onto it, I couldn't determine its thickness & my chances of safety.

This was all very disappointing as I question when another opportunity like this will arise. I also question the chances that it actually could have been unsafe.

I'm getting Donnie a rope & he's holding the one end while I try this in the future.

Back in Windsor, it was time to celebrate conquering the William Livingstone Memorial with some 40s!

Not really.

I brought these back for Christmas as I had found them throughout 2010 & thought my friends would enjoy them. I found the 2 Evil Eyes in Colorado & the Pit Bull (middle) in South Dakota. All 3 of the 40s went from their respective state, into my luggage, to Newfoundland, back into my luggage & home to Windsor.

As for what they tasted like, we all LOVED the kiwi strawberry & green apple Evil Eyes. My liver would be in trouble if I could find them in Detroit instead of Colorado.

As for the Pit Bull, it had to be one of the WORST 40s I've ever had. Steve agreed with me too, making plenty of bad jokes about how it tasted like that Puerto Rican dickcheese rapper Pitbull. I already knew it was bad from having one in South Dakota...and this was an unnecessary reminder.

So if you find yourself in a Hot Springs, South Dakotan gas station buying 40s, avoid the Pit Bull.

In addition to those three 40 ozs, I also brought back a 2L bottle of Russian beer & a bottle of Newfie Duck champagne (all in one standard piece of luggage).

The Newfie Duck was popped at JCs for New Year's & all agreed that it was the best champagne of the lot.


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