Detroit City High

January 2010.

Street picture of school

Detroit City High was another one of the 10 schools to be demolished between April & June of 2010.

It was constructed in 1963 and closed in 2007.

I hope you can figure out how to get inside

We had checked on this place back in 2008 and she was sealed up tight.

That same truth didn't hold factual for 2010.

With this type of open invitation, I'm hoping anyone willing would be able to find their way inside.

auditorium mural

UJ and I found the auditorium and quickly began capturing the 'Detroit City High' mural - things were looking like they would end up more exciting than Woodward Elementary.

I also believed Detroit City High would continue spilling over with interesting items left behind because I thought it was closed long before its actual closure date of 2007 (since they still used plywood for the windows instead of those metal screens); and because they used to leave everything in schools when they closed them in the late 90s and early 2000s.


Moving into the gym, it was also relatively interesting. It wasn't one of the crazier Detroit school gyms we've seen, but it was more impressive than the elementary school gyms we had been seeing of late.

Empty hallway view

empty classroom with pink styrofoam hanging from the ceiling

Then the rest of the building was utterly empty.

Although, after hunting out that circular building you see in the first picture, it did provide some pink insulation and subsequent artfag opportunities.

Empty room pano

...but yes, other then pink insulation, the rooms were more empty than a closet in a modern abandoned house.

Mcgraw Street Sign

25 minutes were spent in the auditorium and just 25 minutes were spent searching the rest of the school.

Detroit City High was the second school to be demolished; with a huge news article and a lot of rah, rah, sis-boom-bah with Detroit Public Schools saviour Robert Bobb on hand.

You can now own 4.3 acres of vacant land on McGraw by making an offer on the DPS website!

I'm definitely not crying about the demolition of Detroit City High, I'm just letting you know...

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