Eastern New Brunswick

Sackville, Baie Verte, Port Elgin, NB.
Amherst, NS. (Map)

Summer 2011.


I found myself in Eastern New Brunswick (the Sackville/Moncton area) with an evening to kill.

I set out to drive to the Cape Jourimain Lighthouse, but ended up using all of my time driving meandering back roads instead.

I was impressed with the backwoods buildings I found though.

Instead of staying on the Trans-Canada Highway, I strayed onto Route 970 through Port Elgin & Baie Verte.

The 1893 Anglican Church & 1881 United Church were both worthy of a picture in Baie Verte. Unfortunately, in 2010, flooding forced the closure of the 1881 United Church you see above.

I also finally drove through a covered bridge! It was about damn time!

This is the Wheaton Covered Bridge, built in 1916. Apparently New Brunswick has a decent number of covered bridges...which is something that I never knew.

I finished the day by ordering a pizza in Amherst, then exploring while it was being prepared.

Amherst was another place I was impressed with. I'll be stopping there again.


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1 - St. Luke's Anglican Church

2 - Storm Damage Threatens 129-year-old Church - CBC News

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