Trinity Loop

Trinity, Newfoundland (Map)

Summer 2011.


(Continued from this update...)

Even though I was only away for 4 of my 9 vacation days, I started to drive home after Petit Forte.

Somewhere along the way, I thought about the fact that maybe the only reason my car was smoking, was because the hills to Tides Cove Point were a little steeper than I thought. Concluding that this sounded like a good explanation, I decided to stay on the road one last night. This extra time would allow me to finally find this abandoned amusement park along the way home; which I've tried to find two other times.

Seeing as I still didn't have good directions with me (I'm an idiot), I drove onto some random logging road into the woods. After I scared up a mother moose & her calf, I then came to a clearing & figured that this wasn't the right way.

The second road I found wasn't passable for very long, so I had to take to hiking. I walked through the foggy, windy shrub for a while, until I came to a radio tower & concluded the road to be an antenna service road.

I did get to explore a cable vault (above) though.

Not thinking there were any roads closer to Trinity that could service the Trinity Loop Amusement Park, I brought out my map & again tried to search for clues - then it hit me: I noticed a portion of the train line, which made a loop around a lake to the west of Trinity.

Oh jeez.

Sure enough, I continued on the road to Trinity & found a paved road leading off of the highway. It wasn't the most obvious thing, but I also should have searched this area more thoroughly.

After the Newfoundland Railway stopped in 1988, all of the rail track was scrapped & the path through the interior was converted to a provincial park. The only portion of railway which remained was this portion of narrow-gauge line between Clarenville & Bonavista, here in Trinity.

An amusement park was built around the Trinity Loop narrow-gauge line; with a petting zoo, live acts & train memorabilia.

The park closed in 2004 due to a lack of interest & attendance. Living on the west coast of the island, the Newfoundlanders which I know, only went here once or twice since it was a decent distance away.

While I was happy to finally find & explore the Trinity Loop, there were firefighters & EMS people training in the stream which splits the park in half. This meant that I could only explore the upper portion, since I didn't want to be told to leave.

It was neat to look down in the fog & observe the ferris wheel below, but I will have to return to walk right down to it.

I left the Trinity Loop & quickly found a place to camp as the daylight was fading.

In the disused baseball field of a shrinking community; I setup my tent, had a few Blue Stars, then called 'er a night.


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