Field of Abandoned Vehicle Dreams

Ontario (Map)

Winter 2011/12.


Back in 2007, I stumbled onto the web page of some guy who explored Southwestern Ontario buildings. He had a very impressive number of photosets with everything from the big name places, to the smallest of places which I'd never have thought worthy of taking the time to see.

One place on his website really grabbed my attention. Once I looked at the aerial imagery of this junkyard location, I was shocked that it stood mere minutes from my friend Ryan's house. I had been sleeping at Ryan's after the bar for years up to this point, so I made plans to get up early & see this place one of those hungover mornings...

And so it went, every time I'd wake up hungover at Ryan's, I'd think about visiting this location...but then eventually, I would put it off for some other morning where I didn't feel like such a bag of crap.

Years would pass & then Donnie posted a picture in 2011 - I instantly knew the location. (I bit Don's picture above, ha ha!)

Whereas I had a 5 minute walk & couldn't be bothered; he had actually networked with people and found out about this place on his own.

There was quite a bit more to the property than I remembered from that 2007 website. Steve said it was even better that we were here in January, because this meant the vegetation wasn't so thick & the mosquitoes weren't anywhere to be found.

This was a lot like the forest of vehicles, where I was amazed at how the location had so many different types of vehicles...

Being the building nerd that I am, even though there were dump trucks & buses & boats, I was excitedly interested in the nondescript, 2-story, concrete square building found on the property.

If you examine the wall to the right, you can still make out the red AUTO PARTS painted sign.

Folks, this one has been here a while.

I guess Steve ran into the owner one time & the guy seemed willy-nilly about what he plans to do with the place. It would take a lot of effort to clean it up, but there is a lot of scrap & property value here.

Anyway, Steve & I slipped away from the old junkyard, happy with such a high-level, elite explore.

We celebrated with a room at the Casino, 40s, room service, Monopoly & a Dog The Bounty Hunter marathon.


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