Going in Buildings Friends IRL:
D|M Photo - Dave O'Connor's photography blog of mostly Boston & California places. Dave is a heavy hitter with the camera & takes very nice pictures.

Shadows and Rust - Ethan's photography and write-ups from some of the places you might not have seen around Pennsylvania and area. - Incredible, exhaustive coverage of Michigan. Great longreads with history & pictures from places besides Michigan Central Station & the Packard.

See Best Photography - Cale isn't the most hardcore urrrbxer out there, but his pictures are awesome and he brings some great Southwestern Ontario/Tobermory/Algonquin coverage to the table. I'd buy one of his calendars, but I don't want to get bummed out looking at Ontario pictures every day, ha ha.

23 Photography - Donnie's photography page with his already great photographs, but now even more impressive with elaborate photography methods that I'd never have the confidence to trust.

Hudson Valley Rob - Yaz's website has an impressive scope of coverage for the Hudson Valley with a high dose of history. He even goes on cool roadtrips to baseball & hockey stadiums like this fine website!

Going in Buildings People:

Myopic Industries - Devnull's website. I never got the chance to meet Seth before his passing, but he is well respected amongst people whose opinion I value.

Pictures of Detroit - I always enjoyed this guy's website even though I never met him. I see it's now a private site & maybe I should remove it from here...but I always feel weird about removing something I liked before?

Sleepy City - dsankt is the dude & he posts some things that are just absurd. And not just lately for Vine fame or to make a viral Buzzfood article - dude has been doing it for years, if not decades now. I hope he writes again one day.

DetroitFunk - I've looked at DetroitFunk for years, lately appreciating when he posts obscure neighbourhood buildings that others wouldn't cover. He recently scrapped his site, but the link remains here as a tribute.

Other People I Don't Know IRL But Who Have Rad Websites:

International Metropolis - Great local Windsor history website. I've learned so much history & found out so much Essex County news from I|M.

FUNBRO - I used to see Scott around Michigan skateparks & I never talked to him, but I somehow found his website and I like the BMX history/midwestern pictures.

Courthouse Lover - I've lost hours looking at this guy's Flickr account. Jordan has covered a ridiculous number of American county courthouses & then he also has coverage of street scenes, post offices & nature. For someone with wanderlust towards Texas, Montana, Nebraska, etc., browsing his account is a time sink. - Mike's awesome write-up about visiting Nunavut is what got me hooked on his writing. Excellent long-form travelogues from all over the globe.

The Big Africa Cycle - Pete Gostelow has cycled from Japan to England & England to South Africa. His writing is excellent, he takes awesome pictures & he goes lots of places off the beaten path. This isn't the typical cyclist doing 300km/day on the expressway, it's pushing a touring bicycle forward on a sandy track in the Congo.

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