Day 1.

Windsor, Ontario to Manistique, Michigan.

615 kilometers.

I departed on my road trip out west. The first day was pretty uneventful; I handled some business and drove quite a bit.

Ahhh, bye Detroit! I will miss you.

(This was Woodward & this car was moving faster than I)

((Not laughing at this, it's just amazing because in Canada we have car inspections))

I came to a point in the Lower Peninsula of Michigan and it occurred to me - if I kept driving and didn't stop, I'd make it to the Mackinac Bridge just in time to see it in sunset conditions.


I continued to drive until I became tired and got a motel in Manistique, Michigan. It was a decent drive and the motel was extremely clean and very much existing in a fashion of a lodge in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

I watched some Mad About You & Poker, drank some Evil Eye and retired for the night.

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