Rowley, Alberta

Ghost Town

Summer 2007

Rowley, Alberta. Rowley is located in South-eastern Alberta and once had a population of approximately 500 in the 1920's. The population had taken quite a nosedive after and Rowley found itself severely run down and abandoned by the 1970s.

The main reason for me going to Rowley was for the abandoned train caboose. I had researched before hand and found that Rowley was on the way and that it had something unique.

Inside the train caboose I found these shotgun shells. Used here? Placed here? Who knows...

The caboose was extremely small, but it was something that I've never seen before.

Around the 1970s, the locals had broken into the old saloon and had quite the party. Afterwards, the locals decided to start buying buildings and restoring them & trying to create a touristy restored ghost town.

Rowley was ok, but a little cookie-cut for me. Maybe it would be better when people would actually be there; but I only found 1 of Rowley's 12 permanent residents there.

Rowley's future may still remained doomed, as it was recently removed from the train line that would provide numerous tourists to the area.

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