Day 19.

Bozeman, Montana to Perham, Minnesota.

1313 kilometers.

Day 19 was another day of traveling. The most interesting part of the day was when I came to the point where the interstate splits in Montana. I was faced with the decision of going to Mount Rushmore or this abandoned structure in Northern Michigan.

As far as the picture above? It was at a North Dakotan rest stop & you best believe I stayed on the path.

I passed through the same area of North Dakota that I've passed numerous times now.

I did wander into some small town in Minnesota to ride their skatepark. The town was literally the size of Belle River; yet I recognized this wall from a professional bike video.

Small world sometimes.

A long day of driving finally concluded in Perham, Minnesota. The only room they had left was the conference room with a pull out couch...really didn't matter to me. I'd sleep in the back of a pick-up truck if I owned one.

I spent about 2 hours watching Bam's Unholy Union until I fell asleep sometime around four.

Exciting day eh?

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