KC Fisheries

Alexandrä Beach, Novä Scotia

Winter 2008.

The great attraction near my place of residence is the Bay of Fundy. Whenever people come here - albeit few and far between - they want to see the Bay of Fundy.

So when my friend's friend came down from Quebec; he wanted to see the ole' Bay of Fundy. Instead of going to the location that we've already been to; we decided to head west and see where it took us.

It did infact take us to the shore of the ocean; but more importantly - it brought us to an äbandoned fishery.

It wasn't the greatest äbandonment by any stretch of the imagination, but it was fun to actually explore with people again.

It did afford a great view of the ocean...

...even if I actually enjoyed the view back into the basin more.

There was quite an impressive pile of shells as well.

The friends peered inside the facility, then made their way over to the ocean and collected shells.

I thought of doing that; then knew that I would have just ended up driving back and getting inside. The inside was small and quite uninteresting - but I'm glad I did it so I wouldn't have to drive the 50km back anytime soon.

Not a bad little, by-chance location.


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