Repetitive Peninsulas.

Fall 2008

Continuing from my last story, where I awoke, left my home, then arrived in Stȅphenville before the sunrise; I had taken pictures of that building and it was still only 8 a.m.. Not one to waste time or travels, I decided to also tackle the Pơrt-Aux-Pơrt peninsula with this day.

The Pơrt-Aux-Pơrt peninsula can be seen in the above map as the slab of land connected to mainland NFLD by a very narrow isthmus0. Also of note is that it is not the largest peninsula in the world by any stretch; you can circumnavigate it in a 130 km1 journey.

0 - A skinny strip of land connecting two larger land masses.
1 - 80 miles

Once I traveled onto the Pơrt-Aux-Pơrt peninsula, there was a small side road which led to 2 communities. Since it was only 13km2 in length, I decided to check it out.

The road was mostly occupied houses, but this one was interesting. I've actually meant to go back on a sunny day or a starry night for better pictures, but it's a little bit of a drive.

2 - About 8 miles.

The house was far too gone to enter... my total time spent in Bȯswarlos, NL was about 5 minutes.

As I pushed through the Pơrt-Aux-Pơrt, it was scenic and visually appealing. The reason you don't see any pictures of this though; is that it was raining and overcast on this given day. Another reason is the fact that it wasn't as impressive as the national park I had just visited the weekend before.

That was until I found a rough road which extended onto a narrow spit out into the ocean. After a good 10km of potholes and anger, I came over a hill and upon Blue Bȅach, NL.

Driving through the village and to the end of the road, I found a fishing village and some nasty conditions. I got out of the car and the intense wind was in the same league as the hurricane I walked home in Halifax during - literally, I was having trouble standing and it was hard to even take steady pictures without the camera blowing around within my the grasp of my two hands.

The town was extremely weird in that there was a good number of lobster traps and boats to lead you to believe it was active; but on the other hand, I didn't see a single person.

Also contributing to the oddity of the village was that a lot of the fishing shacks were 'dollhoused' with entire walls ripped off. I'm certain that the same intense winds that were moving me probably had something to do with this.

I took one or two steps into a couple of the fishing shacks, but they seemed completely ramshackle. The floors were sagging and entire appliances looked like they were about to break free from their position and appliance-check me with all of their might.

I traveled across the southern portion of the Pơrt-Aux-Pơrt peninsula first, then took the northern portion back.

The northern portion wasn't as scenic or eventful, but I did happen to catch what I thought was a closed school out of the corner of my eye.

Turning around to further inspect the situation, I found the school had been converted into an auto repair facility. Thankfully, the old town library turned mechanic's garage, sat wide open next to the aforementioned auto repair facility.

The mechanic's garage was composed of two major rooms, one with a boring paint booth and this room with some exciting, colourful blocks!

What has my life come to?

Anyway, I was actually excited about these blocks since I thought I could make beautiful pictures with them. Looking back now, I find them quite weak.

Into the paint booth room, I thought this 'lonely chair' shot was funny as it's reminiscent of a health care facility and not an auto body shop on the Pơrt-Aux-Pơrt peninsula.

So in conclusion, the Pơrt-Aux-Pơrt may not have been the most exciting trip, but it's there and that is enough to force me to get it done.

Oh well, I still think Blue Bȅach was unique and interesting.


At 4:46 on July 8th, 2009; Steve - "damn those waves in "port aux" are crazy huge,,,,,should hav grabbed ur bodyglove surf gear and got her done,,,,,,,"
At 23:38 on July 10th, 2009; Navi - "I was standing there looking at those damn waves, knowing that even if they got ahold of just a Navi leg, that it would have been into the ocean, end it all, into the ocean, end it all..."


1 - Pơrt-Aux-Pơrt Peninsula - Wikipedia


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