Red Cliff

November 2009.

I got a phone call from my friend, informing me that she was in St. John's; and although she didn't think I would drive the 7 hours to hang out, that she just wanted to let me know this.

She was mistaken though; as NL has made me appreciate my friends and 7 hours of driving is completely reasonable to hang out with one of them.

I hadn't been inside anything in a while, so I decided to leave early and check out the PineTree Radar ruins known as Red Cliff; before meeting up with her.

The site had a lot more leftover than the St. Anthony or Stéphenville sites; but the leftovers were either really small (see above)...

...or really deteriorating.

Walking through the remaining buildings, this place was definitely up high on the list of most decayed buildings - entire slabs of ceiling dangling, walls on the verge of collapse, ceilings which were nothing more then exposed support wire...

For concrete buildings, I was surprised at how much the place was deteriorating.

Still though, I climbed around, broke some poor kid's rope ladder with my fat ass, and generally enjoyed myself.

I would leave at dark and head downtown for a Halloween night out my friend Melinda. I was an excellent Rayden, but not one person got it...the best guess being that I was an Asian man.

I did not take a picture of said Rayden outfit.

I would drive 7 hours home the next day.


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