That Nolia Clap: Day 2

March 2010.

We woke up on Day 2 and I told GW of a ferry which crosses the Mississippi and apparently provides a great view of New Orleans.

He had actually taken the ferry before & had no problem doing it again.

The ferry crosses over to the Algiers neighbourhood...

...and the highlight of the Algiers neighbourhood was the Courthouse - built in 1896.

It was still in use, and as with most courthouses, there was plenty of angry people walking through the doors.

The ferry comes every 30 minutes, so GW & I walked a berm walkway around Algiers for a few minutes, laughing at the green gaslights.

A homeless man emerged from a shanty built amongst trees along the Mississippi. He asked if he could have some change for vodka & we had no problem providing him a couple bucks...I was curious though, and had to ask about all of the creepy creatures which I would imagine share his home with him.

He told me that he doesn't see much for snakes, has the odd spider, but mostly has rats and the odd gator!

I was particulary worried about spiders & snakes down here in the south, so this was interesting insight.

We had enough of Algiers and took the next ferry back.

Going back, I really wish I wasn't such a vagina; there was a guy drinking Joose out of a paper bag, with a lo-rider bike, decked out in khakis & a while tee with loc sunglasses on. He looked like he belonged in LA, but he was doing his thing, drinking his Joose and relaxing on the city owned ferry.

Instead I was taking pictures of neon signs that 19000 other tourists have pictures of.

At least I won $10 on roulette at the Harrah's. GW was confused at why I didn't want to keep playing...but I simply wanted to try my luck.

Next, GW and I grabbed some lunch. The place was cheap & had plentiful servings...but was mediocre overall. I like to try and remember where I go to eat/drink, but I've spent the last 25 minutes in Google Street View & I can't find this place.

Anyway, this place tought me to avoid the main course meals when I went out to eat in New Orleans - I'm pretty sure GW & I both, only finished about 1/2 of these sandwiches. It was time to switch to eating appetizers; I couldn't handle these main course southern-sized portions.

After lunch, it was time for more walking and exploring New Orleans.

Nearby was the mother parish for The Archidocese of New Orleans - the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis.

I turned around to notice the feeble ledge that Robbo did in Road Fools 5!

There was about a million tourists & a high fence between me & the Robbo you get this crumby picture.

My body began to process that giant sandwich, so it was time for some public drinking.

This is a different beer store & it had an equally lame selection! Most of the beer stores I went to in New Orleans looked like this & the city lost some points for it...

I bought some forgettable German brew...

Kept walking around taking in the feel of the city. Checked out some cheap goods market and bought some sunglasses...

...the old & the new...

After about 5 hours of walking, we decided to get back to the hotel & get some rest...

...because this night we had to walk over to the home of the New Orleans Hornets!

While GW wasn't very excited about the idea, I wanted to go see my first ever basketball game while in New Orleans. We checked the schedule & the Hornets were in town on Wednesday & playing Lebron's Cleveland Cavaliers...and so it was decided.

I was surprised at the number of people heading towards the stadium and the long line to get tickets once we were there. I always envisioned New Orleans as the type of place where they only love their Saints (football), but there was plenty of Hornet love apparent on this day.

Cleveland's record was 57-16 at this point & New Orleans was 34-39 - we certainly didn't expect much competition from this game.

Still though, I was excited to see Lebron, Shaq, Chris Paul and this Collison guy that Garbo told me about (apparently there's a Collison in the league besides my Kansas boy Nick Collison).

The game was a boring stinker though. The Cavs took over early & the crowd never got into it. Up 5 after 1 quarter, they eventually wrapped up the game 105-92. Lebron had 38 points and Chris Paul had 5.

When I finally strike "watch a Minnesota Timberwolves game" from my bucket list, it will be a better game.

After the game, we went out for a bite to eat at some overpriced Bourbon Street place. We grabbed a drink afterward, but found Bourbon Street to be quite slow on this Wednesday...

We retired to the hotel room & I tried out the Earthquake beer that I had scored earlier: 12% beer & it tasted every bit of was rough! Three thrumbs down.

Onto Day 3.

New Orleans 2010

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