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Newfoundland (Map)

Spring 2011.


Newfoundland's proximity to Europe led to the Americans constructing army & naval bases here in the 1940s. The Germans were advancing in Europe & becoming a real threat to North America, so the States wanted forces closer to the front lines than they would be in Maine.

These bases usually had underground buildings, which are obviously enticing, but after a while you discover that the underground buildings are all the same. They are either pillboxes (small rooms with a slot to shoot a gun) or ammunition bunkers (big empty rooms with crazy reinforced doors).

I enjoy seeing every last building, but even I feel that I've seen enough Newfoundland pillboxes & ammo bunkers.

Therefore, when I was scouring the internet for anything interesting like I usually do, and I came across talk of an underground hospital, I was intrigued.

I found the two entrances to the hospital and figured that it couldn't be that big, because the two entrances weren't very far apart.

As I moved inside, I found & was impressed with the 4-story staircase. I had already seen pictures of this staircase & imagined descending them into a hospital 4 stories underground, but you actually enter into the hospital portion & find yourself at the bottom of the stairs.

The hospital is built into a hill & the staircase only leads up to a pillbox with a view out to sea.

Walking back down the four story staircase, I looked around the rooms of the actual hospital and there was absolutely nothing left behind.

The graffiti was a little strange too.

Vikings & Lions? NFL football references in Newfoundland? I wondered if former soldiers returned to their old stomping grounds.

This is honestly all I have for the "underground hospital".

It's certainly an interesting & unique space, but especially when the Americans cleaned out every last thing, there's not that much to photograph or inspect.


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