Hidden Beauty

Cape St. George, Newfoundland (Map)

Spring 2011.


The amount of breathtaking places you stumble upon in this province - without having ever heard of them before - is simply amazing.

This is Cape St. George, located on the SW tip of the Port-au-Port Peninsula. This is only about 90 minutes away from me, but I had no knowledge of it until I stepped out of the car and out onto a piece of land extending into the ocean.

My goodness.

This point also used to have a lighthouse, so you know that I had to think about baseball around all of these ruins & awesome cliffs.

The lighthouse burnt down in 1930 though. Its replacement was put on Red Island, a chunk of land about 3km off of these shores. This always concerned me, because I thought there might be another challenging lighthouse to add to the list - but I looked at Red Island with binoculars on this day, only to find a skeletal tower too small to count (and a herring gull atop said skeletal tower).

Newfoundland has 79 lighthouse standing today. I've randomly came across enough ruins/stories of demolished lighthouses, to know that number was certainly once in the triple digits (i.e. >100).


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