2nd Annual Golf Trip

St. John's, Newfoundland (Map)

Summer 2011.


The Nova Scotia-school golf trip was in Newfoundland this year. Since James, GW & Nick had previously met in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick & with me in PEI; this meant that there was one last Atlantic Canadian province to play host.

I had no complaints with this decision, as it was cheaper for me to stay put, and I also don't mind showing people around my home province.

The plan was to golf three courses again, and birdie talk came within a few holes of our opening round.

Good ole me, I hit it off the tee & put it within a foot of the hole - only to botch the put and get a lousy par.

After golfing, we went to Cape Spear on this fine summer day. Cape Spear is the easternmost point in North America, a point with two standing lighthouses.

I was also amused when we rounded the miniscule trail towards the lighthouse & noticed whales very close to the cliffs. James has sailed the Northwest Passage, so I know he probably doesn't care too much about whales, but this might have been the first whale sighting for Nick or GW (or both).

We wandered into the war ruins at Cape Spear as well.

Now realize that my car is a consistent mess & I obviously had to clean it for this trip, which meant that I didn't have a flashlight inside. This subsequently meant that we had to use cell phones to check out the ruins like a bunch of noobs (in golf gear I might also mention).

Afterward we hit George Street for the second night, since we intelligently didn't book early tee times, like we did on our previous P.E.I. trip. Nick was especially happy about George Street, as he said he has wanted to hit it for the last 12 years.

All of our sweet swings were on display at course #2, The Wilds, a course we drove about 90km out of St. John's to play. There were brief talks of driving 3 hours to go to the renowned Terra Nova course, but that would have been 6 hours of driving & 4 hours of golf, leading to quite a long day.

I was tired enough as I drove 45 minutes back to St. John's; 3 hours would certainly have been rough.

Nick's wife had previously been to St. John's & recommended a few things to Nick...things such as Ches's, a Newfoundland culinary pillar of famous fish & chips.

I had only had their poutine before (in Gander, gasp!), but was impressed with their fish & chips (along with their fruity drinks).

Afterward was yet another night of George Street. This one was probably the most busy & the most entertaining. James & I tried to Dougie for a bit, but alas, neither of us are challenging John Wall for the Dougie crown any time soon.

We also saw some guy fight off about 6 cops while Nick ate street meat & encouraged the guy to fight back, "get away dude, c'mon man, keep trying! C'mon! You can do it!"

I'm used to Windsor cops who would have quickly beat us as well, but the St. John's cops simply threw the guy into the squad car & went on their way, as we stood amused.

We stayed out so late that dawn was coming as we finally made it to bed...which couldn't have been good for my golf game.

Thankfully I was fighting off the hangover with a healthy dose of golf course sausages. I had 3 more this day, making it 6 or 7 for the weekend. Ahhh gluttony!

They weren't helping my game that much.

Stupid cart path.

The weekend wouldn't end without a birdie, as Nick & GW both got one on today's last course of the weekend.

Also, for the first time during the weekend, darkened skies loomed over us & threatened our record of nice weather; but the rain never came & it simply felt like a late fall game (which was sort of cool in its own way).

Nick & James had very early morning flights, so after going out on George Street for a 4th time, I told them goodbye before I even went to bed.

GW's flight wasn't leaving until the mid-afternoon, so we decided to hit some more war ruins to kill some time.

GW wanted me to hang around right until his flight was leaving, but I had to get going as I didn't want to have to watch for moose on an nighttime drive home.

Good times. The 5th annual trip should be even better.


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