Southwestern Newfoundland Weekend. Part 3: The Lodge

Southwestern Newfoundland (Map)

Summer 2011.


After drinking in La Poile and not getting enough sleep, I wasn't up for hiking on the way back home anymore.

The only thing I stopped for was to check out some cabins that my friend told me about.

The cabins weren't anything special, but I like to post a few pictures whenever I get a lead on some abandoned buildings, mostly to show my appreciation.

Captivating stuff.

I had fun though, I love anything in this condition.

These cabins are so isolated and destroyed, that I'm sure some local-yokel will burn the remainders down soon enough (2 or 3 were already burnt to the ground when I visited).

I would get back in the car & finish driving to Corner Brook. I thanked my friend for letting me know about these cabins, as I had no idea that they were back in the bush.


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