Burgeo Again

Burgeo, Newfoundland. (Map)

Summer 2011.


There are few places in Newfoundland which beat Burgeo in the late summer. It was that time of year to head down there, visit the hardware store for some booze, and then do some camping.

I also came down here because I thought they had an abandoned fish plant & an abandoned cottage hospital.

This wouldn't work out though, as the fish plant is apparently still active...and the cottage hospital had took a turn for the worse.

These cottage hospitals are vestiges of the past. Any time you have a specific type of old building disappearing (cottage hospitals, orange lodges, barn-like arenas), I'm going to be bummed to see yet another destroyed. (The top view is from 2010 - 1 year earlier.)

I noticed these old stained glass windows around back this day; which you'd have to imagine were from the cottage hospital days (this building closed as a cottage hospital in 1993. It was used as a community college & grocery store afterward (not at the same time, haha)).

With the way that the Newfoundlanders dismantle buildings instead of demolishing them, I hope someone ended up with these windows.

Moving on from the cottage hospital, thankfully there was a 2nd building backup plan - a rundown greenhouse in the hills above town!

I had never seen an abandoned greenhouse before, so I was a bit excited to finally check one out. I didn't imagine it would be too exciting, but I was also amazed that I never came across one.

With how sparse Newfoundland is, I'm always happy to check out anything.

I then celebrated with a 1-litre beer!

Another thing Newfoundland doesn't really have is large containers of beer. My 40-loving self was happy to find these limited edition, 1-litre cans.

Once the tent was set up, it was time to walk along the beach, over to the staircase, which provides a great view over the outstanding scenery.

It would have been hard to plan a more amazing sunset. Although it became a bit cool once the sun fell below the horizon, there was no hurry to leave behind the burgundy & magenta skies. Only two other people passed the staircase, a bonus of Newfoundland living, in that we could have such an amazing place (pretty much) to ourselves.


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