The Northern Lights, Check.

Along the TCH, Sandy Lake Area, Newfoundland (Map)

Summer 2012.


My friend was going to Salmonfest & I saw this as an opportunity to use her car for the day, to visit a real town in Gander instead of Corner Brook.

At the end of the night, once the musical stylings of Flo-Rida & Carly Rae Jepsen were over, it was time to drive through the darkness back home...

...and once we got an hour outside of Grand Falls-Windsor the sky started to look slightly funny. It didn't let up either, as the greenish shade & the waves became more and more apparent.

Holy crow! Are these the Northern Lights??

I've always envisioned seeing these in Alaska or Nunavut or Nuuk...what are the chances that we happen to be driving through Central Newfoundland at 2am on a given day where it just so happened to be abnormally cold at night0?

0 - cold nights lend themselves to the Northern Lights

Of course I didn't have my tripod or long exposure camera when we pulled over for a few minutes. Of course.

I'm not one for bucket lists, but I've always known that "See The Northern Lights" would be on there, if I was so inclined.



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