3rd Annual Golf Trip

Calgary Canmore & Banff, Alberta (Map)

Summer 2012.


This one is pretty much here just for GW, Nick, James & myself.

It is only a golf trip; put on this website so we have a record of the good times.

This was the 5th year of the annual college golf trip, so we considered something substantial: Myrtle Beach, Florida, NY, Cali...

I forget why those didn't work, but we settled on going over to GW's new city of residence in Calgary...which would eventually lead us to Banff.

GW had to work the first day I was there, so I went for a bike ride around his hood.

Calgary was a lot better than I remembered it from 8 years ago. It actually reminded me of Wyoming - which is a place I adore.

Eventually it was time to leave Calgary and head into the mountains.

We hit up some batting cages along the way, something I've always wanted to do.

Hitting the ball was a lot harder than I imagined it would be. GW was amused when I took a few pitches like some invisible umpire was going to call a ball instead of a strike.

The first course of the weekend was Kananaskis Mount Kidd (you go south on a highway before getting to Canmore).

The weather didn't look at all promising & it was already rainy/cold as we awaited our tee times. I think we each got a shot or two in before it started absolutely downpouring...with thunder & lightning cracking so closely & loudly, that it startled me out of my golf cart seat.

Thankfully the storm passed after 15 minutes.

Things were still wet though, as Nick almost threw his club into that fast-moving drink to the left. (I obviously JUST missed the picture).

The scenery wasn't too bad.

I sent a picture to Steve with my piss-poor cell phone camera & it was so nice that he was even impressed with a 1.4MP picture.

Wrapping up the day, it didn't rain another drop (although the skies certainly threatened).

As for how I played, I golfed some horrible score since these courses are a little harder than Belleview. It was about 155 or something...I think?

A pretty sunset scene as we stopped for beers en route to Banff.

We went out for dinner in Banff at a pretty good spot that GW knew about. It was amusing that this random place he knew was 100x better than the place I had researched & we would eat at on the next day.

While at GW's restaurant, he was quite amused & enjoying making fun of me for ordering the lobstah in Banff when I live in NF.

The next morning we went to Silver Tip, which is just north of Canmore (Canmore is the town before Banff).

I particularly enjoyed the course hazards at Silver Tip.

Thankfully they weren't of the Grizzly type (a Grizzly ate a girl running near here in 2005).

Mr. Elk unimpressed with being given a fake film border and a green tinge to his portrait.

The scenery was pretty nice at Mt. Kidd, but Silver Tip was on another level.

As you can imagine, these weren't cheap courses - I was happy to save at least a few dollars with some tallboy Castles.

(Plus it's simply a different beer than the 30 we have back home.)

Wrapping up on 18 at Silver Tip.

I shot marginally better, but there were still a handful of double-digit holes on my card.

Having never been to Banff before, I wanted to see the town, especially the impressive Banff Springs Hotel.

The rest of the group thought it would be a great idea to see the town from their gondola, but I wasn't having any part of it. Thankfully those plans fell through.

I noticed an awesome looking German restaurant near the Banff Springs, but it was a little fancy/expensive for our tastes.

The stoned deer out back seemed to like it though.

This was the night we actually went out in Banff...but not before some stupid game where you need dexterity & grace to avoid drinking all of your 4Loko.

As for going out, Banff was surprisingly quiet. I did make some money when I sold my pizza slice to some girl at a marked-up price.

Our crib in Banff.

Our 3rd golf course of the weekend was Kananaskis Mt Lorette; which was on our way back towards Calgary.

GW is an exceptional golfer...so I like to post pictures of the rare times he ends up on the beach.

I normally avoid the grainy stuff myself, but not on these courses.

By this time, I was sort of scenery'ed-out because of all the fine course views...so I didn't pull out the camera as much at Mt. Lorette...

...although I had to when Nick was in this ditch!

After all, we did have to drive back to Canmore because he forgot his 7 Iron at Silver Tip :)

(Nick claims that he wouldn't have been in said ditch if he had his 7.)

Anyway, that was that.

We tiredly drove back to Calgary & boarded our planes at 6 or 630 in the morning the next day.

Another fine golf trip. I look forward to my 4th & the group's 6th trip this year in Cape Breton.


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