Minor Update: Duncans Rock

Massey Drive, Newfoundland (Map)

Fall 2013.


After staying up to some ungodly hour, then waking up to an afternoon of drizzle, I felt I had to get out and do something, anything.

Driving all of 6km (3.75mi) to the adjacent community of Massey Drive, I dove up the westward ATV pathway beneath the giant power lines, then finding a rock wall and a path into the woods towards my destination. This path eventually curved me to new housing developments, or divergently continued to the big box wastelands of Corner Brook, but I took neither of these options.

Pushing down into the thick branches and mossy trees, I had maybe 500m of forest here to bushwhack, but it was still the tiresome woods that seem to envelope Corner Brook and nearby communities. Along with a few birds who hadn't yet left for winter, I plodded along, sweaty and damp from the moist air and wet vegetation.

In the grand scheme of things, it didn't take very long to get to a point where I could start to see the bay, the riverside businesses and the Trans-Canada Highway from within breaks in the trees. It would take a little more time to search and discover a quality vantage point, where I was about as far out on Duncans Rock as its steep, northern side allowed.

Blazing through a forest, I found myself atop Duncans Rock, a rock that was likely named by whomever first sailed up the Humber River and never actually found their way into the forest.

Even though you can climb up the other side of this valley to a manicured spot through an established trail, I still enjoyed my less popular view from Duncans Rock.

(Also, as a geography geek, I couldn't help but post a rarely visited geographic feature.)


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