Day 5.

Strathmore to Edmonton, Alberta.

339 kilometers.

Kayla works two jobs and wouldn't be home until 8 or 9. That left me in Alberta, only 3 hours from her house, but needing to find something to do for the day.

So I went to the Millennium skatepark in Calgary. This place is fairly famous, if only for its size.

I was told beforehand by a friend that the park isn't that good because all the ledges & rails are too low. I thought it was just him talking; but then I got there and found handrails that I could ride onto.

For the amount of money and effort that went into Millennium; it could have been a lot better.

(The above photo only shows the "intermediate" section)

The park actually disappointed me & I will definitely just ride street next time I find myself in Calgary.

I got worked in Calgary a bit & with just being tired, I left on my way for Edmonton. Kayla lives in an area of Edmonton that seemed to have a decent amount of graffiti, so I took a walk around.

Eventually it got into the night and Kayla, I & her roommate went out and celebrated Canada Day.

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