Day 13.

Kamloops to Whistler, British Columbia.

298 kilometers.

I awoke and looked out my window. I had realized that I was in a mountainous area from the drive. After not seeing daylight for 3 hours of driving, I knew the area would be different.

The view from a grimy Kamloops motel.

Minutes outside of Kamloops, there was a roadside stop to glare upon the expanse of land before me.

My parents called me while I sat on a bench here. I tried to convey what I saw through speech and intonation, but they just didn't seem to get it.

The mountains became considerably larger into Southern British Columbia. Throughout the drive, there were many one lane bridges over creeks & streams. It was definitely strange to be in an area where people trust you to be able to use your brain while driving.

The mountains just kept coming.

This lake was unbelievably cold. I took one picture with my feet in the water, but I look like a complete pussy because my face is wrought with pain.

At one point I drove 13 kilometers with my car in neutral. There was an obvious need for brake checks.

I got to Whistler at about 3 in the afternoon. It took me 6 hours to travel 300km. 50km/hr? The roads & scenery will cause such a rate of travel.

Once I got to Whistler, Dylan was working, so I headed to the skatepark and generally killed time around the village. Dylan came home, we went to the beach and went out drinking for the night.

Whistler was & is, awesome. But that recap will have to wait for day 14.

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