Day 14 - 16.

Whistler, British Columbia.

I couldn't believe Whistler. The scenery was gorgeous and provided an ideal backdrop for my days spent in Canada's westernmost province. The first day I arrived, I rode the park for a bit & awaited Dylan's return home. Once Dylan came home, we went to the beach & went out for a few drinks. Everyone was super friendly and down to earth. Whistler is a chill place and I could see myself living there.

Dylan: "Bro, I'm pretty sure bears would rather have garbage than respect."

Whistler had plenty of bear signs and warnings. I saw people running over to a house one day because a bear was in the village. It amazes me how stupid people are..."Hey Rone...there's a bear over there; lets head over and see it!"

My second Whistler day was improved upon by Dylan getting the day off. We chilled for a bit in his housing and then headed down to Squamish to ride the skatepark there. Dylan also let me know that we should stop and see Shannon Falls in Squamish.

Shannon Falls is 335 meters in height and located 2 kilometres south of Squamish. It is the 3rd highest waterfall in British Columbia.

The skatepark in Squamish was awesome. It ranks very close to Fargo atop my favourite skateparks list. Plenty of lines and a lot of similarities to actual street obstacles.

The fact that there was a phenomenal 30's ish mom there skating with her daughter didn't hurt either. Dylan thought her backside was a little big; but I like myself a little backside.

Dylan & I got back from Squamish, showered separately and went out again. Good times.

The next day, I locked myself out of Dylan's apartment and did nothing but walk the village and lounge at the beach. Dylan got home & let me in; but we did nothing but cook a stew and drink with people in his apartment.

My last day in Whistler, I decided to not lock myself out of the apartment. Instead I wrapped up some business around the area. I grabbed Dylan's bike to traverse the hills and realized just how high he runs his seat. Dylan is shorter than me, but I could barely use his bike because of how stupid high he ran his seat. He must have some gangly legs.

The amazing beach in Whistler. There was unreal females everywhere, but I wasn't about to become the weirdo in full clothes taking pictures at the beach by himself.

We rode the Whistler park sometime in the course of my stay over. It's fun, but not very useful. Although, I did enjoy flowing through the snake run (above) and blasting high out of the bowl.

The Whistler village.

A FATSO hand tag in the Whistler village. Plenty of out-of-towners hitting this vacation destination.

I missed the Red Bull elevation contest by about a week. Dylan said it was ridiculous and people were having trouble even clearing the last jump (not shown).

We finished day 16 by going out again and my liver thanked me for departing to Seattle on day 17.

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