Another Week, Another Bag of Money

Not Southwestern Ontario & Detroit, Michigan (Map)

Spring 2012.


For a while now, I've had guilt accompany any upcoming or completed trip.

People will say, "oh, must be nice to have that much vacation!" or "I wish I could go somewhere" or "You went somewhere just last Friday? Do you ever work?"

Of course I know I am blessed with having the job perk of saved time.

Work until 6:30 everyday & you can take Friday off.
Work on some inconvenient holiday & take off some other random day.
Work late on a Monday because your flight arrived late at night on Sunday.

Yes I realize this is fantastic.

So I just live with the guilt that I have a lucky situation in that regard...

...until I started learning that these critical people, are the same critical people who take off random Fridays to do fuck all. The same critical people who cash unused vacation time. The same critical people who are forced to somehow waste vacation days.

So you're going to guilt trip me because I take advantage of the vacation time I'm allotted?

You're allotted time as well! You choose not to use it!

And I personally don't even care!

I understand that you might have a family and need the cashed week money instead...or that maybe you work a more stressful job where you need a random Friday off...or maybe it's not even worth the effort of coordinating your vacation time with your children & significant other...

Cool! Fine!

You just do you, and I'm a do me!1

I understand that I'm blessed & stand very thankful for my situation!

1 - It's a rap line.

But nah, I'll just let the guilt win.

So I didn't go to the Detroit area for Memorial Day & these aren't my mediocre pictures. I stayed at work & cashed the vacation week instead.


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