Two Houses & an Island

Codroy Valley, Newfoundland (Map)

Spring 2012.


Two hours south of home, we were nickle-and-diming our time away by stopping at random beaches and minor airstrips. On the way to one of those airstrips, I noticed the above house...and since you have to return on the same road, I pulled the car into the driveway upon return.

Once I was stopped outside the house, its abandoned state was more probable.

It became certain once I ducked under a two by four & had to watch my step.

I had to follow the two-by-four supports as I moved through the hallway.

I love these decrepit, falling-down structures which others simply leave alone. I was glad I noticed this home.

Finding the (presumed) homeowner's wedding photo, my spirits were slightly dampened.

Whereas others go through these buildings & spend hours envisioning the people who came before them, I very rarely consider the previous occupants.

That's life though.

Anyway, I also wanted to check out Codroy Island while I was down here - for no better reason than that they built a breakwall which connects the Island to this harbour island; an island which used to be inaccessible to non-fisherman.

Being the geography nerd that I am, I always looked at maps or drove past this place thinking "I'd like to go explore out there."

The island was nice initially, with a duck swimming in a small pond & a pleasant view over the Village of Codroy...

...until the seagulls grew disturbed!

Not really thinking about it, this was prime seagull nesting time & they weren't very happy about the sudden human presence on the island. I wanted to make it to a small navigational structure, but as we moved closer & closer, the gulls swarmed more & more, while diving closer & closer to our heads.

...aaaaand then it happened. Splat! White stuff right on my shoulder.

That was enough of this.

Stopping at another house, I couldn't find my way inside...but there was an organ in their shed!

A neat & notable find I would say.

The stealth camping site was also notable.

Down here there's more rolling grassland than mossy barrens & it was funny to be able to actually use tent stakes at a Newfoundland campsite.


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