Eastern Newfoundland, 2012

Bonavista Peninsula, Newfoundland (Map)

Summer 2012.


Waking up 20km (12.5mi) outside of the Town of Bonavista, gas station breakfast was quickly acquired.

The coffee lifted the stealth camping fog from my brain, and we continued past Bonavista to check out their lighthouse.

I have been to this lighthouse two or three times now; so I was more enamored with the lazy fox very close by.

He wasn't all that concerned with us though, making for a funny encounter.

Wandering over to the rocks behind the lighthouse in an attempt to kill time before it opened, Shahlene pointed out some puffins & I was impressed that they were present somewhere besides Bird Rock in Elliston.

As I already have plenty of puffin pictures, I was focused on getting a picture of this Black Guillemot instead.

With a little bit of time available today, I was finally able to stop in Bonavista and walk around their interesting community for a short while.

This is their Orangemen's Lodge. (The Orangemen are a fraternal organization like the Masonics, the Loyal Order of the Moose, etc.).

I've always been enamored with this funky, old school grocery store as well. The thing is, is now that I research it at home, I believe it was only built in the 1970s.

Nevertheless, it seems older than it is. Going inside for some Pineapple Crush, it was reminiscent of a movie set grocery store with old, wooden shelves & harsh lighting - I loved it & I'm happy that they've merged with a national chain (if it manages to keep this store open).

I was surprised by the selection in the store as well. It wasn't a matter of supporting a dying, antiquated structure.

I didn't get to spend as much time as I would like around Bonavista, but it would honestly take hours with their twisted, confusing, dated road network.

I obviously found time for this beautiful abandoned house though.

I wanted to ride Bonavista's skatepark as well, but it was looking even worse than the last time I was in town.

There was nothing to be done here.

It was only a slight detour to drive the unchartered, unpaved NL-236 once we left Bonavista. And so we did, as I craned my neck for picture opportunities.

Gravel would eventually shoot out from the skidding tires as I noticed this dilapidated cabin.

It appeared as if they just left everything one day, but it was hard to explore as the cabin was so rundown that I put my foot through the floor.

Good times on the NL-236.

With a six hour drive ahead of us we needed to get going, but there was time enough for one last small detour.

There are a couple of roads I haven't drove over here yet, so I had a few choices; eventually settling on the one which brought us to Open Hall, Red Cliff & Tickle Cove.

I was intrigued with the glut of abandoned houses in Open Hall & Red Cliff, but time constraints would squash any hope of stopping.

We did stop for the Tickle Cove Sea Arch at the end of the road though.

I tripped and fell on these interesting sandstone rocks; finding them both sharp and easily broken. (I know that you're wondering.)

The exterior of the church in Open Hall was interesting enough to warrant a brief stop before motoring home.

A fine weekend of cleaning up some east coast (of NF) business was over.


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