Third Pond Hill Snowshoeing

Corner Brook, NL (Map)

Winter 2012/13.


I would have liked to climb a hill with an assigned name, but there simply wasn't enough daylight at the end of the weekday. I could only manage to drive to the parking spot, then hike the access road until I reached the end at a frozen & well-traveled Third Pond.

To reach this unnamed hill, there was only a kilometer of snowshoeing to be done on the access road, then another kilometer to the top of the hill.

Nevertheless, I ran out of daylight after taking my time on the access road and overestimating what I could get done before sunset.

With better planning on my second attempt, I moved past the uphill section & into a frozen meadow before I knew it.

That being said, I hustled along as there wasn't a overflow of daylight.

At only 260 meters (850 feet), this was a manageable hill to climb within the time allotted.

Now, an unnamed hill of this height could easily have had mediocre, tree-obscured views. Thankfully for me, there was a clearing at the top of the hill, allowing me to look back at Corner Brook and surrounding areas.

Up the Bay of Islands towards Guernsey Island (at centre).

A view towards the section of Corner Brook with cookie-cut houses and so much suburbia it should be called Little Markham.

This was much better than those cloudy, snowy days leading to Breeches Pond.

It was a good thing I was in a hurry to ensure I didn't fail, as it allowed me the extra time I savoured in walking to various hill edges, partaking in the views.

I let it get pretty dark before deciding that I better return to the car.

This hill might not have an official name, but I enjoyed what I refer to as Third Pond Hill.


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