Bottle Cove Sea Cave

Lark Harbour (Bottle Cove), NL (Map)

Spring 2014


A friend was leaving Corner Brook and this called for a farewell bonfire. The plan was to go out to Bottle Cove, a scenic and quiet area about 50km east of Corner Brook, reached by driving the entirety of the south side of the Bay of Islands until you come to the Atlantic shore.

As some of the group took to finding wood and some of the group took to drinking, I selfishly walked away upon the exposed coastline. Up ahead another group of people were out further than I thought you could go, making me realize that it must be low tide.

My friend Steve gives scale to the cliffs around Bottle Cove's southern point.

Walking the southern side of the cove, the other side is home to the short Bottle Cove Trail. Counting all of the times I was out here for South Head Lighthouse, in addition to numerous other times, I must've been on the Bottle Cove Trail's grassy outcrop at least ten times by now.

From the Bottle Cove Trail I could always see the sea cave, a black hole at the bottom of sizable foothills. Closer inspection would remain on the to-do list, one of those things close to home that you never get around to doing.

One of the things that always held the sea cave back was that while it is technically a sea cave in that it is an eroded chamber caused by wave action, it doesn't go much further than 20 feet inward from the cliff face. I'd call it more of a sea recess than a sea cave, but I should remind you that I'm not responsible for defining geomorphological terms.

Pushing my head against the back wall, I couldn't get far enough back to show the top of the wall and the sunset in the same shot - even with the pseudo-wide angle that I have on my bridge camera. What you see in the above picture is the extent of the sea cave.

The beautiful evening and sunset contributed to my enjoyment and creation of a pleasant memory. If I forced this trip on an overcast day it wouldn't be as memorable, but then again, I have similar special memories of feeling small amongst the massive rocks at nearby South Head - and the weather on that day was overcast and dreary.

I was only in the sea cave for 20 minutes before the low-lying rocks disappeared and the path started to lose footholds. Passing the group of people that were out drinking at the southern point, I had a few large jumps to get back, while they showed up later in the darkness with wet pants due to having greater troubles and having to deal with more of the sea.

Upon my return to the beach & parking area, I passed my friends and their bonfire, before walking the Bottle Cove Trail yet again, then setting up on the beach for some quick and mediocre night shots.

Being the designated driver, it ended up being 2 o'clock by the time I got back to Corner Brook. By 3 o'clock I was out front of the local abandoned chinese restaurant, taking advantage of the photo opportunity, since I'm not usually up this late on summer nights under a full moon.

The story goes that the Seven Seas is vacant because the husband died and the wife couldn't/wouldn't open the restaurant back up for some reason. Some say that she couldn't find a cook, some say she wouldn't trust another cook, some say it's tied up in legal processes, etc., etc. Walking or driving by this prominent restaurant, you often see her inside cleaning the retro space of light blue vinyl booths and a long diner set beneath rounded, 1970s light fixtures. No matter how clean she makes the place or how well it would do along this busy road, it hasn't changed from the above scene in over a decade.

I always meant to take a good picture of the Seven Seas & I couldn't be happier that this night of DD'ing led me here.


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