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Sunday, March 29th, 2009

I spent three nights at home before embarking on a 2 day, 1 night road trip inside Ohio with my companions from the '9 days out east' road trip.

Here is day 1.

I promise that day 2 will come in less than 31 days.

Story time:

My boys Garbo & V were at Cheney's the other night with 3 girls from Garbo's work. Garbo and 1 girl are on one couch, while V is sandwiched between two girls on the other.

The girl with Garbo tells him that her friend likes V. So Garbo gets his cell phone out and sends V a text message saying, "the girl on your right wants your cock on her lips and in her mouth."

V gets some heckling because of his lack of smoothnes, but this is just great:

So V reaches down and decrees, "oh! look at that a new text message!" Then proceeds to hold his arm fully extended outwards while he reads the message!

The girl on the left was the first to read the message and started to die laughing. The girl who wanted his cock in her mouth was next to read it and began looking at the ground and feeling awkward. V was last to read it and lets say he wasn't impressed with Gary.

A little story for your Sunday. Enjoy your week everyone.


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on iTunes: Collect Call - Metric

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

Firstly, I was back home and one friend wasn't impressed that I had tried to sell the fact that I couldn't come to Toronto - yet I had just went on a road trip out east for 9 days.

It wasn't that he was trying to guilt me into it and it also had nothing to do with me feeling obligated; but it was simply that my boy wanted me to visit and water down the T Dot lameness.

Secondly, another friend was curious as to why I hadn't made it to Montreal yet.

Thirdly, yet more friends were coming into Montreal and demanding that I make my way up there.

Therefore, I spent a mere 11 days in Essêx County before leaving for a combined 9 days in Montreal and Toronto.


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on iTunes: Out of Touch - Hall & Oates

Saturday, February 7th, 2009

I don't know if I'd call it an exciting ending, but there's some alright pictures and we all loved the location. So you should probably check out day 8/9, the last days of the road trip.

Plus, think of how accomplished you'll feel when you finish that last word and you have finally trudged through all eight days worth of my of ramblings!

Anyway, what's next?

No, not NFLD just yet. There's still some summer gold from Montreal, Ohio, St. Louis and Toronto.


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on the 13" Konika: Habs & Leafs
(Jason Blake is still doing it! Might have to keep em eh Roachie?)
(No word of a lie - I typed the above 'what I'm watching bit', then went to edit the post date and saw Jason Blake score #2 on the night. Wtf?)

Monday, January 26th, 2009

Steve sent along this little story and I thought it was a goodie, so I'll share it. The following is paraphrased from a message Steve sent me on the book.

Don and I were bored as hell on Monday. We went to the Lunch of Station, then we wanted to go do something. We were like fuck let's go for a drive and we will figure out something. We went wyandotte, we were bumping that dj clay that's when it hit us,,,we should go find a bar that sells "MAI TAI'S"!!! (Navi note: On said CD, Blaze mentions that he "is chilling at the bar, drinking a Mai Tai" - we've been referencing this for a bit now)

(Your standard Mai Tai.)

So we were like where is the first fagish bar we should try?? We decided on The parked and went in, grabbed a table, and asked the waiter if they had a drink menu. The waiter said, "we don't have one." Well then do you guys have "MAI TAI'S"???...the guy tries not to laugh and says "no"...we then laughed too and left that gay bar.

So we were downtown and both said there's all of these bars there's one that sells them. So we then went to Peppers. We went in, sat down and we got the menu, we found it...we thought our quest was over. They didn't even look at us weird or anything; think about it, us two (Navi note: Steve probably had a large gold chain, D hat and LRG sweater on; while Don is covered in tattoos and probably had a Juggalo Dark Carnival shirt on), and we are ordering "MAI TAI'S"...she had brought it to us and we were like this is it?? It was a drink with orange juice, vodka, rum, and red shit at the bottom...we thought it came with umbrellas and it was cool looking with a weird glass...we were not happy....we spent $16 on two drinks!!!

So I was like man lets go check the casino. Don was down, so we went. We got to the bar and asked the bartender, and she said nope. We asked why?? She said they didn't have any mint for the drink. Then we thought what the hell, our other drink didn't have any mint,,,we got dooped!!..$16 and we didn't get real ones??..BULLSHIT..the quest continues...

So we walked up the street and got to The Beer Market (Navi note: they went to the 'beer market' for a girly drink?) We walked in and asked, the girl looked at us like we were gay and naked at the same time...and said, "no we don't make those here." So we did a 180 and left that shit bar. What the hell we can't find a damn bar that sells these things??..we pondered the whole way, on our quest...

We walked by (Honest) Lawyers and they were closed. But there was a place called, habzars?/..or something like that; it's across from Peppers. We walk in and it's all upper class looking. We stand out like 2 men in suits on 7mile, ya know? We asked, she said, "let me check." They were looking through their drink book, and said, "we can make it." Then we asked "do u have umbrellas?" said no; so it aint no "MAI TAI'S" without umbrellas; so we left that place....

We went by the old Micheals, it is now The Avenue. We went in and asked. She laughed out loud and we did too...she asked, "you guys are looking for "MAI TAI'S?" We said it was an inside joke, we have a friend in Newfoundland and we want to get pics of us drinking them. She laughed and said, "ok then"....back on the quest we went.

So we walked across the street, to the Bistro. We looked in first and see tons of dirty looking people and a table full of food. We walked in and we thought it might have been a party but I think it was the people from the downtown mission in there. I walked up to the bar and we were overwhelmed by the smell of bums...eeekkkkk! We went in there and it counts,,lol,,we just didn't ask because it smelt so bad in there.

I called Rachel and she said, "why don't you guys go check Chinese places because the drink is Chinese." So we went to the Dynasty Resturant. We walked in and the guy brings us water and the fork and we say, "no we aint eating. We just want to know if you guys have "MAI TAI'S"??" He says, "no we don't", with a look of we were near Don's place, on Wyandotte(China Town) we then went to Dragons Inn. They looked at us like we were crazy!!...we got our answer....we were like what the fuckkkkk...are they anywhere in this city?? We walked across the street to Sams and these girls looked at with more confusion and laughter too...

Damn will the quest be fulfilled...let's try Jimmy G's. We walk in there. I have known this guy for years...he looks at me like I went gay or something...he laughs and said, "noooo??? go try some of the bars downtown," we said "we went down there already," "Woowwww, well then go to like high end places," that was his answer. So I was like man let's try the Buffet World on Dougall because they have that drink menu thing on the table..that's gotta be we went there...

So we get there and we walk in and are asked to be seated. We said we don't want the buffet, we just want to have we look at the damn menu and it ain't there; we asked if they could make them?? She said yes; so we asked her if it had mint?? umbrellas?? cool glass??...she said no to all of we left that place...we get in the parking lot and Don said lets try Moxies...I said ok then, lets go there.....

We went to Moxies. We went in and saw a little line...this is we just walked to the bar... there's the prettiest looking couldn't stop talking about him...asking me do you think he was gay??? or just a pretty boy guy??? Lol well with me saying, Don asking these questions after, you got the clue - they didn't have them either!!!...the pretty boy said they did but they got rid of them off of their menu....but they were there, but not now!!!!

Well all in all, this quest was very close to being completed, but it is still in limbo...I will keep you posted...

p.s. Don went in to the (Navi note: Small, neighborhood, barfly type joint) Gladstone on the weekend and asked there, already knowing they're not, and she said, "no all we have here is beer and whisky". Jose's Noodle didn't peace...

Navi note: So, in total, they went to 15 locations and couldn't get a Mai Tai. If you know where you can get one in Windsor, please refrain from posting it in the guestbook - I want to see if they can complete their quest.

Our street cred just took a serious hit.


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on Dirty Vegas - Days Go By

Sunday, January 25th, 2009

That laptop I purchased has allowed me to do the day 7 write up.

Also, I received word that my other laptop was fixed, so I hustled to see if I could return the laptop I purchased. I had no reciept and was 2 days over the 'return period', but Staples took back the laptop - no questions asked.

So definitely bump Staples.

Secondly, there is only one day left of the road trip, so once I get that wrapped up, y'all can look forward to some more exciting updates.


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on CBC: Roberto Luongo trying to answer Ron Maclean's questions while stopping Alexander Ovechkin

Monday, January 12th, 2009

My laptop decided to stop working so I'm left waiting on Future Shop and praying that my data is ok. They said they can take out the hard drive and make data backups, so I'm hopeful.

In the meantime, I couldn't stand sitting in my apartment watching NF TV and CBC, so I went out and bought one of those mini laptops.


Here's day 6.

I apologize for the delay and I'm sure day 7 will come quickly because the snow piles outside are about as tall as me.


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on Dallas Stars vs. Detroit Red Wings

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