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Sunday, December 16th, 2012

Small weekend trip with a few items of note.

Check it.

Additional Minor Update: Green Gahhhdens Trail pics from the next weekend.

on the Internet: The Chiefs and Raiders stinking it up.

Friday, December 14th, 2012

Didn't do anything, didn't go anywhere, I'm done.

Check it.

on YT: A$AP Rocky - Fuckin' Problems ft. 2Chainz & Kendrick Lamar

Sunday, November 25th, 2012

I really liked going down here & the obscurity, but there isn't that much adventure to it.

No buildings, no hiking, but some pretty pictures IMHO.

Check it out.

Dec 6: ...and here is part 2.

on the 13" CRT Konka - the lousy Broncos about to beat the Chiefs
on the 13" CRT Konka (2nd part) - the lousy Broncos about to beat the Raiders

Tuesday, November 20th, 2012

Minor update: I couldn't wait for the winter to end so I could get out of the house.

Check it out.

on the 13" traditional Konka - Barry selling fly catching jahs.

Sunday, November 18th, 2012

This is a cleanup trip, as I've already been to most of the included places.

There are still some items of interest though. Check it out.

on the gs: The National - Cherry Tree

Saturday, November 10th, 2012

Spring was coming, but not just yet.

Check it.

on the gs: The Twilight Sad - Nil

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

I wonder if I'll ever learn that the crawlspaces below buildings...never lead up into the building. Oh well, good fun climbing the slippery, icy rocks, with howling winds and knee-deep snow!

I did finagle my way into a mine. Luck would have it that they don't have crawlspaces.

on the 13" Konka TV: CNN Election Coverage

Sunday, November 4th, 2012

Let's wrap this up.

Check it out.

on the YT - Kanye, Jay-Z - Otis

Thursday, November 1st, 2012

Ehhhh, this one is okay. Check it out if you want.

on the 13" TV - The Chiefs battlin' the Chargers

Monday, October 26th, 2012

I heard some Carlsbad Caverns place was suppose to be all right. I was so close, that it was too hard to pass up.

on the YT - Lil' Boosie - Wipe Me Down

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

My friend asked me what was my favourite thing I did on this vacation.

This is it.

on the YT - The Twilight Sad - Don't Move

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

Things are getting better. Things are growing towards what I expected to find.

I didn't necessarily have the craziest adventures this day, but it set up the groundwork.

Check it out.

on the gs - The Twilight Sad - And She Would Darken The Memory

Sunday, October 14th, 2012

This day doesn't really lend itself to an update, but since I've set the groundwork for making an update about every day, I'm not going to skip the only one not worthy.

Check it out.

on the internet - The Chiefs about to go 1-5.

Thursday, October 11th, 2012

Returning from as far south as I could go, I stopped in the state's 2nd largest city for a day.

Check it out.

on the gs - Incubus - Agoraphobia

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